Stucco Plaster

Stucco Plaster is superior quality Plaster of Paris, which is super white and manufactured by calcining high purity natural Gypsum.
It is manufactured is an automatic continue. flow kettle under controlled Temperature, to have consistent quality.
This range of plasters can be used for normal applications, where plaster of Paris is used.
A superbly even finish, quick but gradual setting time and no water curing, combined with excellent fire protection property of Gypsum.


  • For application on RCC, Sand Cement plastered walls bull marld, level strips application for renovation jobs
  • Single Coat application, free of shrinkage cracks, zero maintenance
  • Faster setting time of 15-20 min
  • Available in 25 kg packing
Parameters Units Range
Dry Bulk Density Kg/m3 650 – 710
Wet Bulk Density gm/cm 1.70 – 1.80
Initial setting time Minutes 10 – 15
Final setting time Minutes 15 – 20
Approx. Coverage m’/T 65
Fineness % >97