Super Elite

Unlike ordinary sand plaster which can expand and explode during fires and/or when subjected to high temperatures.
JK Gypsum Super Elite have low linear expansions characteristic which greatly reduce the number and size of cracks.
By reducing the number and size of cracks through the plaster, the heat and flames, perlite release chemically combined water in form of water vapor which helps maintain the plaster temperature until all of the water has been driven off as steam.
Meanwhile, the insulating action of the perlite aggregate. delays the release of steam and retards the transmission of heat, thus improving overall fireproofing characteristics.

Perlite and vermiculite are most commonly heard. But what exactly do these words mean, especially to those who are not familiar with the gardening stuffs?

What is Perlite?
Perlite is a volcanic glass that is heated to 1,600 degrees F. (871 C.) whereupon it pops much like popcorn and expands to 13 times its former size, resulting in an incredibly lightweight material.

What is Vermiculite?
Vermiculite can be found in potting soil or purchased by itself in four different sizes for gardening with vermiculite. Germinate seeds using the smallest size of vermiculite as a growing medium and the largest size for improved soil aeration.

We provide both Perlite and Vermiculite.


  • For application brick on brick, block and RCC
  • Single Coat application, shrinkage crack free
  • Enhanced light reflectance, imparts true color tone and gloss for paint
  • Available in 25 kg Packaging


Parameters Units Range
Dry Bulk Density Kg/m3 650 – 710
Wet Bulk Density gm/cm 1.4 – 1.5
Initial setting time Minutes 20 – 22
Final setting time Minutes 22 – 25
Approx. Coverage m’/T 87 – 92